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Haiti – Winter 2014

I returned to Port-au-Prince in early January to continue our mission of training the residents at the State University Hospital. I was able to coax my brother Tom, an anesthesiologist in Colorado Springs, to accompany me.  Normally, we do 90% of our cases with only local anesthesia and save the most invasive for the main […]

Eyelid Surgery Insurance Requirements: What’s covered? (Video)

Eyelid Surgery Insurance Requirements Many patients come to our office for eyelid surgery and their question generally is “what are the eyelid surgery insurance requirements”, or “will my insurance cover this procedure.” Let’s talk about the eyelid surgery requirements by Medicare, which are very similar to most other insurance carriers. For your own specific insurance […]

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Does facial plastic surgery make you look younger?

Facial plastic surgery: Does it make you look younger or more attractive? A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association: Facial Plastic Surgery looked at how much younger people appeared after certain facial plastic surgery procedures.  It involved one rater looking at before pictures and guessing the patient’s age and rating their […]

Haiti trip – September 2013

Dr. Call, my former partner, and I returned to Haiti last week for another marathon session of surgery with the locals. My last visit was in March and Dr. Call hadn’t been in the interim, so we had quite a few waiting. This trip was different in that we are now sponsored by LDS Charities. […]

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Dark circles under eyes: 5 deep tear trough treatments.

Dark Circles Under Eyes: 5 deep tear trough treatments We’ve talked before about dark circles under eyes. One of the most common causes is a deep tear trough.  The tear trough is that depression extending from the inner corner of your eye diagonally toward your cheek.  This depression occurs where the facial fat has thinned […]

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Lower eyelid blepharoplasty: What are the best techniques available?

In our office, we see people everyday who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their lower eyelids and are seeking lower eyelid blepharoplasty. Whether it be due to bags that have formed or deep tear trough lines, the lower eyelids can make give us a tired or even ill appearance. We’ve written before about lower […]