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Thanks for choosing our office for your consultation and surgery. Our greatest hope is that you are doing well and happy with the service we’ve given you. Online reviews are an important way that we find new patients and we hope you would be willing to share your experience in our office. Below are websites where you can give online reviews. We thank you in advance for any time you take on our behalf.

Review Sites:


Click here to go to Google and leave us a review.  Find the “Write a Review” button toward the bottom right.

Click here to leave us a review on Google Maps.  Scroll down to the reviews and click “Write a Review”.


Open a web browser and navigate to Once our RealSelf profile page loads, scroll down to the review section where you’ll find the “Write a review” button.


Open a web browser and navigate to Once our Facebook page loads the option to “Tell people what you think” should be front and center.


Open a web browser and navigate to Once our healthgrades profile page loads, select “Leave a review” to the right of our 4.5 star rating.

Open a web browser and navigate to If not prompted immediately to review us, under tab “Patient Reviews”, click the “Write a review” button in blue just to the right of center.


Open a web browser and navigate to Scroll down slightly and you should see the option to “Rate Dr. Matheson A. Harris” as well as leave a comment.


Open a web browser and navigate to Once our Yelp page loads you should see a big red “Write a Review” button. Alternatively you can enter “Harris Eyelid & Facial Plastic Surgery” into the “Find” field then “Salt Lake City” into the “Near” field. Select “Harris Eyelid & Facial Plastic Surgery” below the paid ads.



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