How to try on glasses

Dr. Matheson Harris is featured on discussing how to try on glasses. Check out the video below where he explains what you need to consider regarding fit and lens choices when buying a new pair of glasses.

Simple Tips When Trying On Glasses

1. Pick the right sized frame for your face

  • Get the right width for your face. Frames should be wide enough to bridge your temples.
  • The bridge between the lenses should be wide enough for your nose and shouldn’t rest on the nose.
  • The temple bars should be long enough to go around your ear. This will be adjusted by your optician.

2. Pick the right sized lens

  • Small lenses are in style, but limit the viewing area.  You’ll only have sharp vision when looking straight ahead.
  • Larger lenses, while maybe not as fashionable, give a wider viewing angle and work better with bifocals. A small lens with a bifocal significantly limits the size of the clear visual zone.

3. Pick the right frame shape

  • Square, oval, or different tear drop shapes, are important to augment or improve the shape of the glasses on your face.