Dr. Matheson Harris offers expert opinions on eyelid and facial plastic surgery, as well as new and upcoming treatments, the latest in facial rejuvenation, current topics in medicine, and tips on getting through your facial plastic surgical procedure safely and with the best outcome.

Humans are visual animals and we are programmed to make judgments based on what we see, even before we can consider any other information.  This is never more apparent than when we look at the faces of others and make judgments. These may be about their attractiveness, their social status, or even their intelligence. We […]

We now have 2 good products on the market for smoothing out dynamic wrinkles: Botox and Dysport. Both are forms of botulinum toxin, a potent chemical that blocks signals at the junction between nerves and muscles. Botox (onabotulinum A), has been around for about 30 years and was initially developed to treat disorders of muscle […]

One of the most common complaints I hear in my office is, “My eyes feel dry.”  Many people get that scratchy, irritated feeling to their eyes and know what the problem is.  Even more people, however, come in complaining of a whole host of eye symptoms, not knowing that many of them are caused by […]

One of the best parts of being a doctor is talking to patients and putting their minds at ease about concerns they have.  It is always nice to turn their worry into a sigh of relief (I wish that was always the case).  Many of the concerns brought up by patients are based on common […]

By now just about everybody knows something about facial fillers.  They’ve been around for 30+ years, but the newest types have proven to be safer and more effective at creating natural improvement in the appearance of facial lines.  There are several types of fillers available, and it pays to educate yourself on what filler is […]