Dr. Matheson Harris offers expert opinions on eyelid and facial plastic surgery, as well as new and upcoming treatments, the latest in facial rejuvenation, current topics in medicine, and tips on getting through your facial plastic surgical procedure safely and with the best outcome.

We’ve all seen the boom in medical spas over the past few years.  Maybe you’ve been to one and received great care. There are, however, some troubling trends here in Utah and in other states where physicians without any experience  or facial cosmetic training are performing and overseeing delicate procedures.  Most of these procedures, if […]

When looking at other people’s faces, the first thing our eyes are drawn to are their eyes.  The eyes and the skin around them can tell us a lot about a person, or so we think. When we see dark circles or bags under the eyes we may assume the person is tired or possibly […]

We regularly get questions about which skin cream will reduce wrinkles or what is the best thing to reverse aging.  There are many things you can do and avoid, no matter your age, to maintain your skin looking its best.  Here are the 10 that we recommend everyone put into their daily skin care regimen […]

Just to get introduced, I’m Mat Harris.  I am an oculoplastic surgeon and ophthalmologist in Salt Lake City, Utah and owner of Utah Oculoplastic Consultants.  My partner, N. Branson Call, MD and I practice oculoplastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as general ophthalmology, from our office on 4400 south and 700 east (suite 130 of […]