Syringomas: bumps on the lower eyelids

Bumps on the lower eyelids

Syringomas are bumps on the lower eyelids, which I see at least a couple of times a day with various patients. They are benign tumors of the sweat glands, which form small, fleshy spots, usually around 2-3 millimeters in diameter.  Patients often ask if they can be treated or removed.  As they are cosmetic and don’t pose any risk to your vision, insurance won’t cover the cost of removal.  The treatments are fairly simple, however, and can be quite effective to get rid of them.

eyelid bumps called syringomas

Eyelid bumps called syringomas

eyelid bumps called syringomas

More eyelid syringomas


Bumps on the lower eyelids (syringomas) can be treated most effectively with bichloroacetic acid (BCA). You may have heard of trichloroacetic acid (TCA) which is used for chemical facial peels. BCA is its cousin and works in a similar fashion. When applied to the center of the syringoma, it helps destroy the irregular tissue and allows the bumps to resolve without scarring.  Usually only one treatment is required, but sometimes multiple applications of the acid are needed to clear up larger growths.

Syringomas that don’t respond to BCA can be treated with electrocautery. The skin is numbed with an anesthetic injection and a thin electric probe is passed into the growth.  Typically one or two treatments are necessary to get rid of the lesion.  Electrocautery can cause some scarring or a visible depression.

Bumps on the lower eyelids can be safely treated in the office with good results.  Call our office at 801-264-4420 if this is a problem we can help you with.