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Just to get introduced, I’m Mat Harris.  I am an oculoplastic surgeon and ophthalmologist in Salt Lake City, Utah and owner of Utah Oculoplastic Consultants.  My partner, N. Branson Call, MD and I practice oculoplastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as general ophthalmology, from our office on 4400 south and 700 east (suite 130 of the Rocky Mountain Eye Center).  This blog serves as a medium where we can share the latest information regarding surgery around the eyes and face as well as new methods of facial rejuvenation and aesthetics.  We will also be sharing new developments in our clinic and our humanitarian work.

To start, our biggest news is the remodel we are about to undertake.  Our office has served us well, but is in need of some updates.  We will be making some changes this week including new paint, countertops in the reception area, new waiting room furniture, an updated decor, and new flooring.  We hope the updates will make our office even more inviting. Before and after pictures will be placed shortly (as soon as “after” occurs).

Another change we are making is the use of electronic medical records.  This will allow us to keep a better record of your health, send electronic prescriptions, give you a portal to review your medical records from home, and allow us to more easily communicate with the doctors that refer you.

Lastly, this blog will serve as a place where we can offer special promotions and discounts to our blog followers, including discounted pricing on facial injections and fillers.  So follow along if you are interested, and share our blog with your friends.

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