eyelid surgery older man

Eyelid surgery in a patient in their 90’s.

Eyelid surgery is more common as we get older. Our skin becomes more droopy and blocks our vision with age. Many patients wonder if they are too old to undergo surgery. Eyelid surgery is performed on patients of all ages, depending on how the problem is affecting their quality of life and if they are healthy enough to undergo the mild anesthesia used.

How old is too old for eyelid surgery?

We see patients of all ages for eyelid surgery. Many have eyelids blocking their vision or causing tearing.  Most patients come to our office because they are bothered enough by the problem that they know something must be done.  The main question they ask is “am I too old for this?” Chronological age is much less important than biological age, meaning how old do you feel, and how well is your body functioning. Many 90 year olds are in better biologic shape than some 60 year olds, based on how they’ve taken care of themselves and their respective genes.  Thankfully, most eyelid surgeries are done under mild sedation and local injection. The risk to the patient is very low and anesthesia is well tolerated.

Who shouldn’t have eyelid surgery?

Patients with certain chronic illnesses, such as advanced heart or kidney failure, active cancer under treatment, or those with a history of significant reaction to mild anesthesia should avoid elective eyelid surgery. Also, those on blood thinners that can’t be stopped should consider waiting until the medications can be held temporarily for surgery. Anytime we have a question about a patient’s fitness for anesthesia, we request a physical exam with the patient’s primary care physician, who can make additional recommendations.

Eyelid surgery consultations are helpful

An eyelid surgery evaluation can help us to evaluate your overall health and recommend the best possible treatment, which may or not include surgery. Sometimes, surgery can be performed in the office under local anesthesia only, further lowering your risk. Call our office at 801-264-4420 with any questions.