Dr. Matheson Harris offers expert opinions on eyelid and facial plastic surgery, as well as new and upcoming treatments, the latest in facial rejuvenation, current topics in medicine, and tips on getting through your facial plastic surgical procedure safely and with the best outcome.

Brow lift surgery, as mentioned in our last post, can be achieved by several different methods. We’ve already mentioned coronal and pre-trichial techniques. In this post, we’ll talk about endoscopic brow lift surgery, direct brow lift surgery, and the internal browpexy.   Endoscopic brow lift surgery Endoscopic brow lift surgery is performed by making 2-3 […]

Brow lift surgery is often necessary in patients with droopy eyelids. When the forehead and eyebrows descend, due to gravity and changes in skin, they push the eyelid skin down over the eyes, blocking vision.  With many patients I find that lifting the brows is the most important part of opening the eyelids back up. […]

Eyelid surgery is more common as we get older. Our skin becomes more droopy and blocks our vision with age. Many patients wonder if they are too old to undergo surgery. Eyelid surgery is performed on patients of all ages, depending on how the problem is affecting their quality of life and if they are […]

Bumps on the lower eyelids Syringomas are bumps on the lower eyelids, which I see at least a couple of times a day with various patients. They are benign tumors of the sweat glands, which form small, fleshy spots, usually around 2-3 millimeters in diameter.  Patients often ask if they can be treated or removed. […]

As a surgeon, one of the most difficult things I have to deal with is complications from surgery. Any surgeon that operates regularly will encounter complications. In most cases, these are unavoidable, resulting from the inadequacies of our current techniques and the unpredictable nature of the human body. They can also result from imperfect patients […]